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My name is Rienna Blare Davey and I am born & raised in Beautiful BC, Canada with spending most of my adult years in Alberta. 

I am a genuine, loyal, honest, and proud Indigenous woman who is a workaholic and loves to spend time with my family.  Helping others and making a difference in life is something I value and feel is so important. Whether it be volunteer work for the SPCA, Elders or Community, opening a door for someone at the grocery store, helping a stranger find a job or just being there emotionally, mentally or physically for someone.  

The Art of Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl.  Although I offer and love all types of photography, Halloween themed, Creative, Boudoir and Empowerment sessions feed my soul immensely. 


Who would have thought a Boudoir Session would be so impactful.  I have many clients tell us how much it has changed their lives, in a beautiful positive way.  The way they look at themselves now is much different and that is something powerful.  Every connection made is unique and meaningful, every session teaches me something new.  

Our studio is a safe space and welcomes EVERYBODY, and just know you can have trust in us when booking your session.  Our studio is high-class, uniquely designed and over 900 sq feet with three different  rooms (Our main studio for all client access, our Emerald Room for Boudoir & maternity bookings only, and our Red Room for Boudoir clients only.)

Capture every moment, as if it’s your last.

Be your Authentic Self, Love yourself First & show the world your true beauty! 

Rienna Blare Davey xoxo

Rienna Blare Davey
Rienna Blare Davey
Rienna traveling in the United States
Halloween Couples Session with Sirens Beauty Studio
RBD Skull loving woman
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